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Butler Hi-Rib Buildings

Some of the early Butler pre-engineered buildings came out in the 1940's.  These buildings are distinguishable by the style of panels that were used.  These panels are referred to as Hi-Rib, or sometimes, Round-Rib, panels.  They are distinct because the ribs are curved rather than flat on the top like most paneling you see.  Many older rural buildings will have these panels.  They are no longer in production, but there are some tricks to make modern panels work on these older buildings.  

If you have an old Hi-Rib Butler building and you need some repairs, give us a call and we can help you with repair ideas and what parts you will need!

Old Butler Building Parts

Butler Hi-Rib Buildings

Many of these buildings were built for ag storage.  If you drive around the Midwest, you can find many of these at small-town co-ops.

Butler Hi-Rib Panels
Butler Building Wall Panels
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