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Butler Wall Panels

There have been many different types of Butler wall panels.  Over the years, some of the most common have been Butler Hi-Rib panels, Butlerib, Shadowall, Butlerib II, and various others.  Currently, the Butlerib II and Shadowall panels are some of the most popular Butler wall panels.

Butler Wall Panels

Butler's signature wall panel is the Butlerib II panel.  These panels are typically punched at the base and eave and can be purchased with mitered ribs at the top to fit into the rib of the roof panels, creating an effective closure assembly.  One of the most signature aspects of these panels are the 1.5" tall rib profile.


Butler Shadowall Panels

Butler's reverse rib styled panel hides fasteners and offers a better cavity for insulation.  This panel has a slight contour in the flat so it isn't just a Butlerib II panel, mounted backwards.  But, the predecessor of this panel, the Shadowrib can still be sourced.

Butler Building Shadowall
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